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AMG is a flourishing independent solution and consulting company in this ever-changing framework of the healthcare industry.  Our team has a profound understanding of the various facets of the healthcare system and a strategic approach to face the challenges our clients face. Our multi-disciplinary team has the expertise and knowledge that our clients have access to. We are driven by the vast capabilities we can offer our clients with a stern mission centered on assisting organizations to work toward their ultimate goals.

AMG serves as an extension of your practice to allow your staff to focus on patients’ care and other administrative tasks. We provide accurate and reliable operations, proven best practices, and customized services to meet the needs of your practice. Our commitment is to decrease your costs, increase your productivity, and improve overall patient care.


  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Behavioral Health Centers
  • Physician’s Offices
  • Home Health


  • Health Systems
  • Home Health Providers
  • Liminal Health Foundation
  • Physician’s Office


The business world of healthcare is changing, and we have embraced the modern technologies. Some of our clients in the last few years have acquired various EMR systems. We work with many different systems. Some of the systems we currently work with are:

  • Epic
  • Allscripts
  • Practice Fusion
  • Nextgen Healthcare
  • Axxess Technology Solutions
  • Kinnser
  • Perfect by Noteefied
  • WellSky


Ascendant Management Group is HIPAA compliant, and our staff receives comprehensive and routine training. Our HIPAA-trained Privacy Officer advises our staff and consults with our clients when issues arise regarding HIPAA. We have conducted staff training in-house, as well as HIPAA training for many of our clients to educate their staff about the far-reaching consequences of HIPAA, and what regulations are to be published in the future that will affect the healthcare industry as well.


Ascendant Management Group requires that the highest level of confidentiality be maintained in areas of client and corporate information, patient records, and personnel files. In order to accomplish this goal, procedures exist to ensure proper handling of sensitive information, as well as non-dissemination to those who are not required to receive it. These policies are consistent with all relevant state, federal, and local laws.

Each member of our staff receives Ascendant Management Group Standards of Conduct and Compliance Guidelines when they are hired by Ascendant Management Group. 


Ascendant Management Group Standards of Conduct and Compliance Guidelines ensure proper document handling. Operational procedures exist to ensure that once confidential material is no longer required for the ongoing operation of Ascendant Management Group, it will be maintained to the extent required by law and subsequently disposed of in a manner that will not compromise its confidentiality.

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