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Administrative Support

We help clients achieve operational improvement through the execution of strategies that support clinical quality improvement, system integration, and business priorities in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Our sustainable, integrated solutions lead to better service, stronger ties with communities and businesses, and better outcomes for patients.

We work across a variety of business areas including clinical, administrative, financial, and logistical to analyze processes, build relationships and facilitate constructive change. Once changes are in place, we can also provide coaching to help internal teams adapt and prosper. 

Billing Services

Our professionals are experts in your specialty to provide efficient and accurate billing services. We provide relief from the inadequate flow of payments caused by paperwork back-up, delays in claims processing, data entry error, and inefficient follow-up of suspended or rejected claims. 

We furnish a complete financial service by offering claims filing of Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Managed care, or the Veterans Administration. We are also prudent in billing secondary insurance companies. 

Health Insurance Credentialing Services

We know that today’s providers must participate in numerous provider networks and with a multitude of insurance carriers. As a result of our proactive approach, we ensure that your initial applications for participation and contracting are completed correctly and that your renewal forms are updated properly and submitted on time. Our credentialing and contracting managers personally oversee every aspect of these services to make sure your specific needs are met. Our credentialing team is highly experienced with completing the health insurance credentialing process to get healthcare providers in the network with the health insurance of their choice. 

Clinical Quality Assurance

We offer full-service QA solutions and productivity tools. You will be investing in an expert workforce exercising extensive clinical judgment from years of experience in the clinical setting. Our detail-oriented staff will customize a compliance-driven review of your agency’s documentation to assist in maintaining regulatory compliance. We intend to create a successful collaboration with your in-house team so you can reposition them to focus on higher-value tasks within your agency.


With AMG, we can help your agency achieve success through our comprehensive coding services, no matter what EMR you use. We can provide you with top-notch medical coding online services which are aimed at helping you increase your reimbursements. Medical coding has a direct impact on your revenue as errors at this stage can cause denials, reduce reimbursements, and call for rework. We employ certified and experienced medical coding experts who perform the coding process with utmost precision. Our customers have the confidence that while they focus on providing quality patient care, we are laser-focused on the accuracy and speed of their coding. 

Home Health Consulting

When you make the choice to work with AMG, we guarantee your home health care business will get licensed and accredited. Our hands-on approach ensures successful approvals. Our team will also help with agency operations, state licensure, customized policy and procedures, clinical compliance, and audits. We know what it is like to go through the process of starting a home health care business from scratch, preparing for accreditation and home health care certification, and balancing expenses while building a client base. AMG provides everything you need to not only start your home health care business but to operate it for years to come. 

Hospital at Home

AMG has partners that provide hospital-level care in a patient’s home as a full substitute for acute hospital care to cost-effectively treat acutely ill adults while improving patient safety, quality, and satisfaction. Compared to similar hospitalized patients, hospital at-home patients experience better clinical outcomes: lower rates of mortality, delirium sedative medication use, and restraints. This leads to better satisfaction of patients and families, less caregiver stress, and improved functional outcomes. Cost savings can be up to 19%-30% compared to traditional inpatient care. 

Direct Patient Care Support

AMG has partnered with skilled home health care such as Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Home Health Aide, and Medical Social Services for all eligible clients. You and your loved ones will work with all our professional partners to set your individual goals for care and develop your personalized home care team. 

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